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Set your 2019 goals now!

2019 is now less than four hours away — if you're on the East Coast in the US, like me! Let's put the setbacks and failures of 2018 behind us and move into 2019 with renewed purpose, fresh optimism, and a boatload of creative energy!

The thing about resolutions is that they don't last very long. January 1st is one of the busiest days at the gym, but everything goes back to normal by February as resolutions drop off.

To stay on track with your writing, set your goals now. Put them down on paper. Do you want to write a novel, a novella, a short story, a poem? Do it! Figure out how many words you can write a day without taxing yourself, and schedule your first project of the new year!

I put my money where my mouth is and tomorrow I start with a 1,000 words on my new novel. I was super-excited to start on this project, so I began it a few days ago. But starting tomorrow, I stick to my 1,000 words a day/minimum schedule for the next three months.

What will you start?

And more importantly, will you see it through?

Make 2019 the best year yet for your writing.

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