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Halloween special! Ready to meet the man called Kane?

Kane was an odd-looking fellow — as tall as Geoff was short, gaunt, with equally long, thin extremities. His skin was almost as creamy white as milk, nearly matching the tone of the shop itself, and his lips were stained with many layers of red. Perhaps Kane was a wine connoisseur. Or perhaps it was remnants of some other red fluid.

Thick, neat glassy strands of slicked back white hair crowned Kane’s long, narrow head. His eyes were dark, almost black, with little flicks of red that shimmered and sparkled like a diamond catching the light.

The smile Kane wore on his face didn’t belong to Kane. It seemed an odd fit, like someone was mixing and matching Mr. Potato Head parts. Kane’s smile was big, and overly enthusiastic. Like it was painted on, not his real expression at all. For a moment Geoff wondered what expression might be hiding underneath the painted on one he was staring so intently at.

Kane’s clothes, all black save for a red button-down shirt and vest, were two sizes too small, at least. His wrists and ankles were completely exposed by insufficient cloth lengths. Kane’s trousers were pinched high above his waist with a wrinkled leather belt.

Around his neck Kane wore a black and red piece of cloth, silk from the looks of it, tied in the strangest of knots. It seemed to twist and curl in endless circles and zig zags. Geoff had never seen anything quite like it. And on his right boney pointer finger, a blood-red gemstone shimmered. -The Little Things: a tiny terror, excerpt

Last Halloween, I published my first novella in over five-tears. The Little Things was a blast to write, and I was lucky to hook-up with an amazing artist who brought Kane and the Un-world to life. (

A week or so later, I was in Princeton working a show when I heard the start of a new story: "Before his over-sized heart had been so abruptly ripped from his chest, the man called Kane had been a chocolatier of unparalleled renown." -the man called KANE, excerpt

And so the Kane story continued. Little did I know when I began Kane's second story that it would not only be the longest piece of prose I had ever written up until that point—115 pages— but it would end on a cliffhanger (spoiler alert).

It seems I wasn't quite done with Kane after all.

This Halloween, as the man called Kane turns one-year-old, I invite you to reacquaint yourself Kane before he makes his return later this fall by re-reading his first chilling appearance in The Little Things: a tiny terror — for free.*

And if you've not yet met, Kane, well, there's never been a better time to introduce yourself. Kane will be coming home soon, and he'll be bringing hell with him.

Happy Halloween.

See you on the other side!

*The Little Things: a tiny terror will be available for free to read exclusively on Amazon for just 24 hours, starting at midnight — of course — on Halloween night, and ending promptly on November 1st.

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