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Writing Book of the Month: Summer

"Have You Eaten Grandma?" by Gyles Brandreth

HYEG is a grammar and usage book that's an awful lot of fun to read. It's not very often that a reference book can make you LOL and manage to be crammed with useful tips and tidbits at the same time. HYEG succeeds at both.

Brandreth, a former member of Parliament as well as writer and blogger, covers all the usual bases—grammar, punctuation, spelling, dashes—but also adds two particularly useful topics in addition: bad language (ie: offensive language, or 'sentence enhancers') and American versus British English.

The presentation is what sets HYEG apart from a crowded genre of English usage books. HYEG is written in a conversational, casual style that's fun to read and very easy to digest. Brandreth shares easy to remember 'secrets' to help curtail common misspellings and usage blunders.

Examples throughout are also written with a smirk: "The team sucks."

I can't remember the last time I found a reference book so incredibly useful and so awesomely entertaining.

Plus, you gotta love a book that has the dedication: "For Michele, come get it bae."

HYEG is HIGHLY recommended reading.

See you on the other side!

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